A Little About Dubai: Just a little

You might’ve heard about Dubai- one of the fastest growing tourist cities in the Middle East, famous for the tallest man-made structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa and the only seven-star hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab, to name but a few of its majestic landmarks.

Dubai is the second-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, a small country in the Middle East. Many people don’t know this, and think Dubai is an entire country on its own.ImageI don’t live in Dubai, rather a smaller and not-as-lively city an hour’s drive away from it, called Fujairah. I occasionally visit Dubai a few times a month. It almost feels like Paris built on a desert (never been to Paris though). Shopaholics love it here because the city has legions of shopping malls, most well-known of which is The Dubai Mall (the world’s biggest shopping mall and also has the world’s largest aquarium, among other things.)

Many people have come to work in Dubai mainly because of the tax-free earning, which lets them save up money which they can send back home (IF they’re families aren’t staying with them in Dubai, of course). It’s not surprising that most of Dubai’s population consists of immigrants from other countries.

Dubai has a tropical desert climate, which basically means summers are always hot and winter aren’t very cold; just mild. Good weather is something the United Arab Emirates usually doesn’t have, and so , Dubai is also subject to not-so-good weather most of the year. Still, undesirable weather is a small price to pay for all that the awe-inspiring things Dubai has to offer.

You may have heard of The Palm Jumeirah, a man-made archipelago off the coast of mainland Dubai. The Palm Jumeirah is in the shape of a palm tree (In case you don’t know what a palm tree looks like, I drew a picture for you, right here).ImageThe Palm Jumeirah is home to the Atlantis, The Palm- a resort based on the mythical city of Atlantis, which also has it’s own water-themed park . A lot of tourists stay there when in Dubai; partly because many airlines offer a few days’ stay at the  resort. Although in my opinion, the very best thing to do at the Palm Jumeirah would be sky diving (seriously, can you think of anything better?).


Started Blogging- a Journey of AWESUMNESS

Ohiyo, humans! Welcome to ze most awesum blog ever made! Expect to see video game Reviews and other reviews occasionally, and me blabbing on and on about the craziness of the Internet and my mega-interesting life. But remember, this blog will not be awesum without your feedback, and this is the first time I’m blogging. All I can say is that this is going to be AWESUM! I’m going to start with a review of the video game Bioshock Infinite (in the next post) but for now, I made an awesum drawing JUST for you, dear reader. If you want to give me some epic feedback, leave a comment. 🙂